The Personal Branding Canvas back to Wired Next Fest

After the huge energy of last year edition, Wired wanted to propose again the format with the Personal Branding Canvas this Sunday, May 24 from 17:30 at the Museum of Natural History.

Canvas Job Edition

This year, however, I decided to dedicate the event to all those who in these difficult times are looking for a job or want to change it. I’m going to present, in fact, a version of the Personal Branding Canvas I created specifically for job search.

I designed this edition starting from the needs of hundreds of students I met at IULM University, Politecnico di Milano, Università Cattolica of Milan, Ca ‘Foscari University and IED. But also students of the Bocconi MBA, the brilliant innovators of Digital Academia and students of many Master of Business School of Il Sole 24 Ore.
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A poster for your SWOT Analysis

I’ve been invited as a judge for the project #SheFactor by my friend Francesca Parviero, a free initiative that leverages Personal Branding and Networking to enhance the online presence of women, in order to facilitate a better access to opportunities.

In the private group on Facebook #SheFactor tied to the project, I made the participants a question that is close to my heart: what does it mean for you to enhance your value? Well, 99% of the responses concerned the themes of knowing how to identify your strengths and weaknesses and opportunities.
That’s why, after testing it in my workshop with the Personal Branding Canvas, I thought to distribute a free PDF of Personal SWOT Matrix.

Personal SWOT Matrix PDF poster

Why using it

The Personal SWOT Matrix is used to do a SWOT Analysis of yourself, considering your career as a real business.
SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, it is a tool that has dozens of years, but do not make the mistake of those who snub it only for this reason: it is still used by organizations to make some important assessments of assumptions and scenarios.
Looking at yourself using the structure of the SWOT helps to start the process to identify what distinguishes you, and to discover or develop further opportunities that otherwise you would not have thought to and that, above all, do not depend only on you but also on external factors.

Look Out!

The SWOT Analysis is not a thing to be taken lightly! You’d better to do it with someone else.
Everyone thinks that the difficulty lies in having to list the points of weakness, but I personally noticed that many people are struggling more to become aware of the strengths!
To enjoy the benefits of visual thinking, you must print the PDF minimum as A3, fill it with Post-it and use a marker to write the answers to the questions. So you can re-use it for multiple scenarios and maybe take a negative factor and move it in a positive quadrant simply by detaching and attaching the sticky note.
After all, sometimes we are convinced to have a deficiency when, with the right perspective, it is something that makes us interesting and memorable. We need to use all that nature has given us!
Go to the reserved page on the site for more instructions.

Where is the download?

Where is the download? On this page on the site …
The Personal SWOT Matrix is a prototype in continuous development, developed graphically with the valuable contribution of the designer Roberto Iadanza.
In short time it will come a version for Companies.
Have any suggestions on the text or any questions? Write to and I shall be grateful!
Have a good SWOT analysis.